Ms. Bryant was born and raised in Colorado, graduating from Kit Carson High School, Kit Carson Colorado. She has lived in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and now Oklahoma.

She worked in the health care industry for several years as a nurse's aid and as a home health provider. She earned an Associates in Science from SWOSU in Sayre and a Bachelors in Secondary Education from SWOSU in Weatherford. She taught Mathematics and Computer Science for ten years at Erick Public Schools. While at Erick earned Masters of Education in Administration at SWOSU in Weatherford..


Ms. Chrystal Bryant


As an educator and administrator, I believe that education is not an imitation of life but a preparation for it. I believe that the main purpose of education is to educate. Students should be taught certain basic skills that will prepare them for life in the real world. The curriculum should not only teach essential knowledge and skills, but also teach students to solve problems and be active. Schools should prepare students to be contributing members of society by emphasizing discipline, hard work, and respect for authority. Society is always changing and new ideas are important to make the future better than the past. I believe that every student is capable of learning, if given the opportunity to learn. It is the responsibility of administrators and teachers to give students that opportunity.

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